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Bob Reeves Hollyw'd No. 6 w/ 1 Plt'd Gold & 1 Plt'd Silver Screw Rim Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves Custom Rim for a 43.5 Underpart


Reeves Bottom - Fits Reeves 42 Rim!


Bob Reeves 2-Piece Purviance P10 43 Rim


Reeves 43.5 ES Trumpet Mouthpiece - Great Shape!


Bob Reeves 43S Trumpet Mouthpiece Gold Plated Rim Standard Back Bore


Reeves Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpieces


Bob Reeves C5 Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves Hollywood CA R P10 2-Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece - Silver Plated


Bob Reeves Purviance 4*3B Trumpet Mouthpiece (Lot #1804)


New Demo Bob Reeves Vintage Purviance 4*D4B Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves 43.5B with 692 backbore trumpet mouthpiece


Bob Reeves 1.5C Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves Trombone Mouthpiece


Reeves Adapters


Bob Reeves Hollywood CA P 1C Mouthpiece Underpart Backbore Piccolo Silver Plated


Bob Reeves 42W EV Trumpet Mouthpiece - Demo


CUSTOM Warburton 5 Backbore Reeves 6 Shank


Bob Reeves Purviance 5*3B Gold Plated Trumpet Mouthpiece (Lot #1803)


Bob Reeves Purviance Trumpet Mouthpieces


New Demo Bob Reeves Vintage Purviance 6C6 Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves 1.25C Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bob Reeves EV5/F Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


Pickett Thomas Marriott Screw Rim (Trumpet Mouthpiece) Reeves Threads (42)


GIARDINELLI 5M trumpet underpart.....shank straight....reeves ....original


Schilke 14A4A Screw Rim Reeves Threads Trumpet Mouthpiece


CUSTOM Warburton 6 Backbore with Reeves 5.5 Shank


Reeves "A" Adapter for Schilke Piccolo


Reeves Sleeves for Trumpet Mouthpieces


Schilke trumpet mouthpieces (cut for Reeves sleeves and Reeves rims)


Genuine Bob Reeves Cornet to Trumpet Adapter NEW! Ships Fast!


Bob Reeves Cornet mouthpiece 43S